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Masonic Periodicals Online

Anonymous. The Free Masons : an Hudibrastick Poem: illustrating the Whole History of the Ancient Free Masons, from the Building the Tower of Babel to this Time. With their Laws, Ordinances, Signs … And the Manner of their Installation particularly describ’d. London: A. Moore, 1723.

Anderson, James. The Constitutions of the Freemasons. London: William Hunter, 1734.

Andersom, James. The New Book of Constitutions of the Most Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons: Containing their History, Charges, Regulations, &c. … Collected (from the book of constitutions published in England in the year 1738, by our worthy brother James Anderson, D.D.) For the use of the lodges in Ireland. Dublin: Edward Blate, 1751.

Member of Royal Arch. Hiram: or The Grand Master-key : To the Door of both Ancient and Modern Free-masonry: being an Accurate Description of every Degree of the Brotherhood, as Authorized and Delivered in all Good Lodges. London: W. Griffin, 1764.

 Entick, John. The Free Masons Pocket-companion Containing the History of Masonry from the Creation to the Present time; the Institution of the Grand Lodge of Scotland; lists of the Officers of the Grand Lodges of Scotland and England; their Customs, Charges, Constitutions, Orders and Regulations. To which is added, a large Collection of Songs…………Edinburgh: Auld, and Smelle, 1765.

Wellins Calcott, P.M. A Candid Disquisition of the Principles and Practices of the Most Ancient and Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Masons. London: James Dixwell, 1769.

Gavin, Wilson. Collection of Masonic Songs, and Entertaining Anecdotes for all the Lodges. Edinburgh: s.n., 1788.

Wheeler, Bennett. The Young Mason’s Monitor; Containing some necessary Hints to Young Brethren–yet not beneath the Attention of Any.: To which is Annexed, a Collection of Masonic Songs, Odes, &c., many of them New and Excellent. Providence: s.n., 1791.

Hall, Prince. A Charge Delivered to the Brethren of the African Lodge. Boston: Bible and Heart, 1792.

The Free-mason’s Pocket Companion; or Elements of Free-masonry Delineated. New London: Brother Samuel Green, 1794.

Harris, Thaddeus Mason. Masonic Emblems Explained. In a Sermon, Preached before the Members of King Solomon’s Lodge, of Free and Accepted Masons, in Charlestown, June 24th, A.L. 5796, Being the Festival of St. John the Baptist. Boston: William Spotswood, 1796.

Jones, Stephen. Masonic Miscellanies, in Poetry and Prose, containing I. The Muse of Masonry, Comprising One Hundred and Seventy Masonic Songs………, II. The Masonic Essayist. III. The Freemason’s vade-macum. London: Vernor and Hood, 1797.

Cadet de Gassicourt, Charles-Louis.  The Tomb of James Molai, or, The Secret of the Conspirators. Boston: Benjamin Edes, 1797.

Coustos, John. Horrid Tortures; or, The Unparalleled Sufferings of John Coustos: who nine times underwent the most cruel Tortures ever invented by men, and Sentenced tot he Gallies, four years, by command of the Inquisitors of Lisbon, in order to extort from him the Secrets of Free-Masonry. From whence he was released by the Interposition of his late Majesty King George II: To which is added, a Selection of Masonic Songs. Putney: C. Sturtevant, 1798.

R.S. Jachin and Boaz ; or, An authentic key to the door of Free-Masonry, both ancient and modern. : Calculated not only for the instruction of every new-made Mason ; but also for the information of all who intend to become brethren. Boston: J. Bumstead, 1798.

Grand Lodge of Rhode Island. The Masonic Burial-office of the Grand Lodge of the State of Rhode Island. Providence: Brother John Carter, 1799.

Lodge of Naphtali, no. 56.  Bye Laws of the Lodge of Naphtali, no. 56, Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk: A.C. Jordan, 1800.

Dalcho, Frederick. An Oration delivered in the Sublime Grand Lodge, in Charleston, South-Carolina, on the 23rd of September, 5801 before the Members of that Lodge, the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Ancient York-Masons, and the Officers of the several Lodges in the city; and published in their Request. Charleston: T.B. Bowen, 1801.

Grand Lodge of North Carolina. Charleston, S.C. December 31st, 5799. Right Worshipful Brothers, Agreeably to the Ictimation (sic) given in our circular of the 24th day of June 5799, respecting a Masonic Convention. Raleigh, s.n. 1801.

Hopkins, James Dean.  An Oration, pronounced before the Portland Lodge of Free and Accepted Ancient Masons, on the 24th of June, A.L. 5801. Being the Anniversary Festival of St. John the Baptist. Portland: E.A. Jenks, 1801.

Bray, Oliver. An Oration, pronounced in the Brick Meeting-House, New Haven, at the Request of Hiram Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons; on the Anniversary of St. John the Evangelist, January first, 1802. New Haven: Thomas Green and Son, 1802.

Leonard, Joshua. Discourse, delivered on June 24, 1802, at Cazenovia, before the Masonic Lodge, United Bretheran. Utica: William McLean, 1802.

Stoddard, Amos. A Masonic Address, delivered in St. John’s Church, Portsmouth, on June 24, 5802 at the Request, and in the Presence of the ….Grand Lodge of New Hampshire, in Celebration of …..St. John the Baptist. Portsmouth: s.n., 1802.

Eliot, Richard Rosewell. A Discourse, delivered in Dedham, at the Consecration of Constellation Lodge, October 19, 1803, A.L. 5803. Boston: Munroe & Francis, 1803.

Gurley, John Ward. An Address, delivered before the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, on the Festival of St. John, at the Stone Chapel, Boston, Dec. 27, 5802. Boston: Brothers Russell and Cutler, 1803.

Grand Lodge of North-Carolina and Tennessee.  The Ahiman Rezon and Masonic Ritual.  Newbern: John C. Sims and Edward G. Moss, 1805.

Beedé, Thomas. A Masonic Discourse, delivered in Portsmouth June 24, 5806. Before the Grand Lodge of the State of New Hampshire, at the Festival of St. John the Baptist. Portsmouth: S. Whidden, 1806.

Richards, George. Light against Light in Three Ranks a Masonic Discourse pronounced before the right Worshipful The Tyrian Lodge, number XVI, at Gloucester, Massachusetts, on the Festival of St. John the Baptist, June 24, 5806. Portsmouth: S. Whidden, 1806.

Grenier.  Code Recréatif des Francs-maçons poésies, cantiques et discours à leur usage. Paris: Caillot, 1807.

Trowbridge, Amasa.  A Masonic Oration, delivered in Lanesborough, on the 24th June, A.L. 5807, on the Festival of St. John the Baptist. Pittsfield: Phinehas Allen, 1807.

Cochran, Thomas. A Masonic Discourse, delivered at Warren, before the Orient, St. George, and Amity Lodges, June 24, 1809. Buckstown, William W. Clapp, 1809.

Wilkes, Allen. The Duties of Freemasonry Illustrated and Enforced in a Discourse, delivered at Chelmsford, (Massachusetts) at the Consecration of Pentucket Lodge, October 12, A. D. 1809–A.L. 5809. Boston: Russell & Cutler, 1809.

Train, Charles. Address to Meridian Lodge pronounced at the Dedication of their Masonic Hall in Needham, West Parish, July 1, 5811. Boston: Lincoln & Edmands, 1811.

Salem Town.  A Masonic Address delivered before the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New York, at their Hall in the City of Albany, February 4th, 1812.  Albany: S. Southwick, 1812.

Scottish Rite Masonic Order. Règlemens généraux de la Maçonnerie Ecossaise. Paris: Nouzou, 1812.

Train, Charles. A Masonic Oration, pronounced at Framingham, June 24, A.L. 5812 on the Anniversary Special of St. John the Baptist. Boston: Lincoln & Edmands, 1812.

Milnor, James. Charge of James Milnor, right Worshipgul Grand Master of Masons, in and for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Masonic Jurisdiction thereunto belonging. Philadelphia: James Maxwell, 1813.

Parker, Edward L. Freeman. Masonic Address, delivered at Wiscasset, before the Officers and Members of Lincoln Lodge on the Festival of St. John the Baptist, A.L. 5813. Hallowell: N. Cheever, 1813.

Scottish Rite (Masonic Order). Supreme Council of Grand Inspectors General of the 33d Degree. Committee of General Administration. List of the Grand Officers, Members, Honorary Members, &c., of the Supreme Council of Grand Inspectors General of the 33d Degree regularly established according to the Ancient Constitutional Scottish rite of Heredon for the United States of America……, held in the city of New York: also Grand Consistory of Supreme Chiefs of Exalted Masonry…..anno lucis 5813. New York: Hardcastle and Van Pelt, 1813.

Spencer, Oliver M. A Masonic Sermon delivered by Brother O.M. Spencer on the Anniversary of St. John the Baptist, June 24th, A.L. 5813, A.D. 1813.  Cincinnati: J. Carpenter & Co., 1813.

Sterry, Consider. Masonic Formalities of Burying the Dead together with the Ancient Charges of Initiation, etc.: as Performed by the best Working Lodges and most Intelligent Masons in America. Norwich: R. Hubbard, 1813.

Thuileur des Trente-Trois degrés de l’Ecossisme du rit Ancien, dit Accepté. Auquel on a joint la Rectification, l’Interprétation, et l’ Etymologie des mots Sacrés, de Passe, d’ Attouchement, de Reconnaisssance………Paris: Delaunay, 1813.

Bassett, Horace. An Oration, delivered before the Members of George Washington Lodge, at the Festival of St. John the Baptist, June 24, 1814. Montpelier: Walton and Goss, 1814.

Grand Lodge of Tennessee. Constitution and bye Laws of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee to which are prefixed the proceedings of the Masonic Convention. Knoxville: Brother G. Wilson, 1814.

Jinks, Ahab. A Masonic Oration delivered before Mystic Lodge, at the Semi-Anniversary Festival of St. John the Baptist, at Pittsfield, on the 24th June, 1813. Pitssfield: Milo Smith & Co., 1814.

Mather Crocker, Hannah. A Series of Letters. Boston: John Eliot, 1815.

Todd, Charles Stewart. A Masonic Address, delivered before the Brethren of Hiram Lodge, no. 4, on the 24th day of June, 1815. Cincinnati: Frankfort, 1815.

R.S. Jachin and Boaz; or An Authentic Key to the door of Free-masonry, both Ancient and Modern. Valculated not only for the Instruction of every New-made Mason; but also for the Information of all who intend to become Brethren…….Poughkeepsie: P & S Potter, 1815.

Burhans, Daniel. The Masonic and Spiritual Temple Illustrated in a Discourse, Delivered in Litchfield, December 27th, 1815, at the Installation of Darius Chapter. New Haven: Oliver Steele, 1816.

Butler, Caleb. An Oration, delivered at Leominster, (Mass.) before Trinity and Aurora Lodges, on the Festival of St. John the Baptist, June 24, A.L. 5816. Worcester: William Manning, 1816.

Going, Jonathan.  A Masonic Discourse delivered at Belchertown, (Mass.) before Mount Vernon and Pacific Lodges, on the Festival of St. John the Baptist. Worcester: William Manning, 1816.

Bascom, Ezekiel Lysander. An Address delivered at Leicester, Mass., before King Solomon’s R.A. in Conjunction with several Lodges, on the Festival of St. John the Baptist, June 24, A.L. 5817. Leicester: Hori Brown, 1817.

Bedée, Thomas.  A Discourse delivered in Dublin, N.H., at the Consecration of Altamont Lodge, and the Installment of its Officers, September 18, 1816. Keene, N.H.: Brother John Prentiss, 1817.

Chappron, E.J.  Nécessaire Maçonique. Paris: E.J. Chappron et M. Cauet, 1817.

Doddridge, Joseph. An Oration Delivered before the Masonic Society of Wellsburgh and its Vicinity on St. John’s Day, June 24th, 1817. Wellsburgh: John Berry, 1817.

Grand Lodge of South Carolina. The Masonic Family re-united-reunion, Strength and Wisdom Proceedings of the Two Grand Lodges of South Carolina, called the Grand Lodge of South-Carolina, Ancient York Masons, and the Grand Lodge of South Carolina, and of the Masonic Bodies under their Respective Jurisdictions………….. Charleston: A.E. Miller, 1817.

Hollis, Samson.  A Masonic Discourse delivered at Wilmington, Vt., June 24, 1817. Brattleborough: Simeon Ide, 1817.

Hunt, William Gibbes. A Masonic Oration, Pronounced before the Companions of the Royal Arch Chapter……at Lexington, Kentucky, on the 27th day of December, A.L. 5816, being the Anniversary of St. John the Baptist. Lexington: Thomas T. Skillman, 1817.

Washington, Thomas. Masonic Oration delivered on the 24th. of June, 1817, in Nashville. Nashville: T.G. Bradford, 1817.

Blood, Mighill. Moral Duty and Improvement: a Discourse delivered in Bucksport, Me., before Felicity Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, on the Festival of St. John the Baptist, 24 June, 1818. Hallowell: E. Goodale, 1818.

Combs, Leslie. A Masonic Oration Delivered before the Companions of the Royal Arch Chapter, and the Brethren of Lexington Lodge no. 1, Daviess Lodge no. 22 and Murray Lodge no. 35, on the 24th of June, 1818, being the Anniversary of St. John the Baptist. Lexington: S.N., 1818.

Henderson, James. The Constitution and Regulations of the Society of Ancient Masons in Virginia, containing……. Richmond: John Warrock, 1818. 

Gleason, Benjamin. Masonic Address delivered at the Consecration and Installation of the Officers of Athol Lodge no. 308, in Sacket’s-Harbor, August 6, A.L. 5818. Sacket’s-Harbor: George Camp, 1818.

Mitchell, Thomas.  An Oration delivered in the Baptist Church in Georgetown, S.C. on Wednesday, the 24th of June, 1818 in Commemoration of St. John the Baptist: by Appointment of the Members of Winyaw Lodge no. 69, Ancient Free Masons……. Georgetown: Winyaw Intelligencer Press, 1818.

Moore, James, Grand Lodge of Kentucky. Masonic Constitutions, or Illustrations of Masonry. Lexington: Worsley and Smith, 1818.

Hardie, James. The New Free-mason’s Monitor, or, Masonic Guide for the direction of Members of that Ancient and Honorable Fraternity, as well as for the Information of those who may be Desirous of becoming Acquainted with its Principles. New York: George Long, 1818.

The Act of Incorporation, By-laws, Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Master, Wardens and Members of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Incorporated June 16, 1817: adopted September 9, A.:. 5818. Boston: Printed by E.G. House, 1819.

American Union Lodge, no. 1. Bye-laws of the American Union Lodge, no. 1. Held in the Town of Mariëtta. Mariëtta: Brother Prentiss, 1819.

Clarke, Samuel. A Masonic Address, delivered before a Convention of Five Lodges, –viz.– Morning Star, Olive Branch, Fredonia, Charity, and King Solomon’s, assembled at Grafton, June 24, A.L. 5819. Worcester: William Manning, 1819.

Whipple, William Jennison. A Masonic Address, delivered before Corinthian Lodge, at Concord, on the Anniversary of St. John the Baptist, June 24, 5819. Concord: Caleb Cushing, 1819.

Cross, Jeremy L. The True Masonic Chart, or, Hieroglyphic Monitor Containing all the Emblems Explained in the Degrees……..New Haven: Flagg & Gray printers, 1819.

Dean, Paul. An Eulogy, delivered in Boylston Hall, Boston, at the Request of the Masonic, Handel and Haydn, and Philharmonic Societies, August 19, 1819; on the Character of their late Friend and Brother, Thomas Smith Webb, Esq. Boston: E.G. House, 1819.

Hart, William H. A Sermon Preached before the Masonic Societies of Richmond and Manchester, on St. John’s Day, December 27, A. L. 5818. Richmond: John Warrock, 1819.

Janes, Walter. A Masonic Poem Delivered at Mansfield, Conn. before Trinity Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and Eastern Star and Uriel Lodges on the Anniversary (sic) Festival of St. John the Evangelist: to which is added a Eulogy pronounced at the Grave of Brother Austin Stowell….: Together with an address delivered June 30th, A. L. 5819, at the Interment of Brother Stephen Lewis. Brookfield: E. Merriam & Co., 1819.

Parmele, Henry. Key to the First Chart of the Masonic Mirror being a Complete Pocket Companion for the use of the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, on the First Seven Degree. Philadelphia: H. Parmele, 1819.

Portland Lodge. Brethren, as this portion of the State will soon assume an Independent rank in the Union, the Attention of the Masonic Fraternity is Directed to a Similar Separation of the Lodges in Maine. Portland: s.n., 1819.

Journal: Masonic Mirror, and Mechanic’s Intelligencer v.2. Boston: Moore & Prowse, 1824 – 1828.

Dexter, Samuel. Letter of the Honorable Samuel Dexter. Boston: s.n., 1830.

Dubreuil, J.P. Histoire des Franc-maçons. Bruzelles: H.I.G. François, 1838.

Chemin-Dupontès, Jean-Baptiste. Cours Pratique de Franc-maçonnerie. Paris: Jean-Baptiste Chemin-Dupontès, 1841.

Boubée, Jean-Pierre Simon. Misraim, ou, Les Francs-maçons Poems en Quatre Epoques et en Quatre. Paris: Amable Rigaud, 1847.

The Master Workman, or, True Masonic Guide containing Elucidations of the Fundamental Principles of Free-masonry, Operative and Speculative – Morally and Beneficially……New York: Simons & Macoy, 1850.

Oliver G. Rev. A Dictionary of Symbolical Masonry. London: Richard Spencer, 1853.

Baxter, S.S.  Free Masonry and the war : report of the committee under the resolutions of 1862, Grand Lodge of Virginia, in reference to our relations as Masonic bodies and as Masons, in the North and South, growing out of the manner in which the present war has been prosecuted. Richmond : Chas. H. Wynne, 1865.

Brennan, Fletcher J. General History of Freemasonry. Cincinnati: American Masonic Publishing Association, 1872.

Woodford, A.F.A. A Defence of Freemasonry. London: George Kenning, 1874.

Adams, John Quincy. Letters and Addresses on Freemasonry. Dayton: United Brethren Publishing House, 1875.

Simons, John W. A Familiar Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Masonic Jurisprudence. New York: Macoy, 1876.

Carpentier Alting, A. S. Loge Ritualen voor den Leerling-graad. Leiden: D. Noothoven van Goor, 1878.